Lush Sale

Now, that Christmas time is over, all those lovely shops will have sales, including Lush with 50% on its Christmas sortiment *o* I call THIS an advantage of not celebrating Christmas and not being forced to buy everything a few days before the sales, although knowing exactly when the sales will start: Exactly one day after Christmas :’D

Here are the things I plan on buying from Lush tomorrow:

1. Candy Mountain (Bubble bath)

I want bubble baths! Now! As many as possible!

2. Magic Wand (Bubble bath, can be used several times)

I wanna buy this and take several stupid, funny, embarrassing, childish pictures with that :’D

3. So White (Bathbomb)

It is a bubble bath… with PINK water! *o*

4. Star Light, Star Bright (Luxurious oil bath)

It glitters *o*

Well, I hope I will find some of these tomorrow in the shop. I guess it will be horribly overfilled, those tiny, little Lush Shops :'(



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