Movie Review: The Place beyond the Pines


Director: Derek Cianfrance

Writers: Derek Cianfrance, Ben Coccio, Darius Marder

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes

Genre: Crime, Drama

140 min.


I watched this movie yesterday and I am still under the impression of it. The whole movie in itself is a masterpiece. The story is quite interesting with the destinies of those different people who are connected with each other in this kind of way. For me, this movie showed me how wrong the keepers of justice can be about a ‘criminal’ as they call it. Just because he robbed banks he was considered to be a bad humand and deserved to be killed. The truth however was, that he was a loving father who was dismissed my society. The powerful people are the real criminals in this movie, as well as the police officers who have worse intentions than Luke. It is also remarkable how Avery tries to gring justicd after Luke’s death. He notices that it was not a good deed to kill someone, even if it was a criminal. They have lifes, families, and loved ones as well. And Avery noticed this. He was chased by his deed so much that he couldn’t look his son in the eye, and so much that he kept the photo of Luke and his family in his purse all these years.

A really moving film, with great acting I have to remark. Ryan Gosling is getting betterand better with each movie. I never saw a movie from him which wasn’t good. His role in this one was utterly remarkable! The emotions of love he showed towards his son and Romina were just heart breakingly sad. Especially the scene in the church was so sad :'( My favorite scene of the whole movie was the ice-cream scene, or the photo-session scene. It was beautiful, melancholic, funny and touching at the same time.


Eva Mendes is my favorite Latina anyway, so I loved her in this one as well. I could say that I am ver jealous of her because she always acts together with beautys in her movies: Paul Walker, Johnny Depp, and now Ryan Gosling. Then, there is Bradley Cooper, who, after Silver Linings surprised me even more with his role in this movie. He is also one of those hotties who are not just only good looking, but also do great movies. He had some not-so-good movies as well, but with every movie he makes, he gets better. I hope I will see more good movies from him.

At the end of the movie I cried. It wasn’t sad at all. It was rather a good ending. But with this scenery, and the voice of Bon Iver, I realized how much this movie has taken me in, has impressed me so much that I couldn’t help but let a silent tear roll down my cheek. During the film, there were more sad scenes (Ryan Gosling’s crying face is the saddest and at the same time cutest thing on earth), but I didn’t have time to cry, because I was so focused on the film and how the story went on, that I could let my emotions flow only at the end,when it got calm.

Final review-10/10: Already now, this movie belongs to my most favorite movies of all time! I can only recommend you to watch this!


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