Shopping and Fitness

Today, I went to the Outletcity Metzingen together with my brother and my sister in order to buy our father a birthday present. His birthday is on the 27th of December, so right one day after Christmas. While other people were bustling through and around the streets to complete the last of their Christmas presents, we three were desperately looking for something to wear for our father. We thought about a jogging outfit he could wear at home, but they were too expensive to only wear at home. So we looked for a nice pullover he could wear in the upcoming cold months. We looked at many different shops like Ralph Lauren or S’Oliver and in the end, we found a yellow pullover at Marco Polo. We also bought a box with Lindt Chocolate. I think he will like the chocolate the most, because my father is a chocoholic :’D

I also found some things for myself. I wanted to buy a bath bomb, and because there was no Lush, I bought from another brand (I don’t even know the name, but I hope it’s good). And I also bought a Burt’s Bees lipbalm with Grapefruit. My sister got the classic one, and both feel great on the lips.


The DKNY test perfume was a gift.

At S’Oliver I found a skirt for 5€ (in fact, only 4.89€) in space print. I always wanted something with a space print, but I only found leggings, and I hate leggings with space or floral prints :S


I could wear it with a black t-shirt and some awesome tights, maybe even colored ones (I have almost every color in my tight collection. Maybe I should make a tights post some day…). We actually also wanted to buy a pullover for our father there, but the sales woman at the cash box discovered a mistake on the pullover, so we left it.

At about 5pm we were at home. My sister and me prepared for Zumba at the fitness center now. My sister is a member there and can bring friends sometimes. Just recently she got a mail with a Christmass offer to bring a friend, so I went with her. I noticed my stange x-legs again, and thought of visiting the Doctor soon. However, Dancing a little bit and getting exhausted again was very good indeed. I felt sleepier after that, but still managed to watch a movie. My sister also wanted to watch something, so we decided on Sandra Bullock’s latest comedy movie The Heat. Of course, my sister started sleeping in the middle of the movie – and this has nothing to say about the film,  she does it all the time and blames it on her anemia. I would have watched Kick-Ass2 or the Place beyond the Pines otherwise…whatever, I will do that tomorrow! I hope.

Well now, I am quite sleepy, and will probably not be able to write a review about The Heat right now. But I will do it tomorrow :) Thanks for reading lovelies! And I wish all my Christian (or non-Christian) readers a merry Christmas and nice holidays :)



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