Review: The Heat


Director: Paul Feig

Writer: Katie Dippold

Cast: Sandra Bullock, MelissaMcCarthy, Marlon Wayans

Genre: Acttion, Comedy

117 Min.

This movie is one that combines different genres other than comedy. It also has a lot of action and crime, as well as Drama, and a little bit of love. Sandra Bullock always did a great job as an actress, and I have never watched a movie of her which I didn’t like. She can do anything from action, to comedy, to Drama, and Romance. I haven’t seen many Melissa McCarthy movies,  but the ones I have seen were rather shocking comedies, like bridesmaids which I have utterly disliked! In this one, however, she really did a great job, because her character had different facettes to it. Somehow it seems like Sandra Bullock can improve everyone’s career whom she is working with. I also was surprised about seeing Marlon Wayans in a movie again. The Last movies I have seen of him were rather old  like Scary Movie or White Chicks. He had a small role here, though. 

Now to come to the movie.  It is a usual comedy movie with the usual scenes we are used from other comedy movies e.g. two opposite characters getting along int the end, an unexpected revelation, or the typical drunken scene in a bar. 

Final review-7/10: It isn’t a movie with new topics or concepts, but can be watched for a good laugh and Sandra Bullock’s acting abilty. 


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