2013 Movie Review


So the year is slowly coming to an end, finally, since this year was one of the worst years ever for me. When it comes to movies, I have to admit that I had more active movie years in my life. I haven’t watched so many movies as I wanted to. Many of the long – awaited ones I could watch, but I also missed lots of the real good ones, and have to watch them in the following days and weeks nd months.

Here is my personal list of my favorite movies (This list is merely one of my own opinion. Everyone who agrees or disagrees can comment below)

Favorite 2013 movies:

Catching Fire:


I have also watched the hunger games and read the entire trilogy this year, so my year was a quite hunger games based year. At least I had a little bit of magic this year :) When it comes to the movie, I have to admit that it was almost better than the books. The editing of the movie, the special effects, the directing and of  ourse the acting were great! I love Jennifer Lawrence by now, and Josh Hutcherson as well is on his best way to become a great actor. Here, you can read about my review.

World War Z: 


I haven’t reviewed this movie I notice right now, but it really was a quite exciting movie! I wouldn’t have expected this before watching, because I thought it was an apocalypse movie. Of course it had something about a zombie apocalypse, but it was so exciting. Of course, the movie had some boring scenes as well, but the urge to finally find out if they survive is bigger and wants the audience to continue watching. If I had to, I would give this movie a 7/10 I don’t know if I will have the time to write a review about this. I will try.

Now you see me:


This movie was so amazing! It definitely was one of the best movies this year, with the gathering of the most funny and genius actors. If you haven’t yet watched this movie, I would recommend you to stop whatever you’re doing, and go an watch this (I don’t know if you have to download it, stream it or buy it,  but get this movie and watch it). It will definitely pay off, just because of Morgan Freeman. And I also guess that a second part will come out. So hurry up! Here is my review.

The Great Gatsby: 


I know, this movie has gotten some rather bad comments as well, but I always tend to go with imdb, and there it has a rating of 7.4 which is rather good. I know, this shouldn’tbe based on the imdb rating score, but I myself would give this movie an 8/10 as well. I loved this movie, much better than the one of the 70s. The only thing which was better in the one was Robert Redford. The acting of the others was great (also Leo’s but Redford can’t be topped), the clothes, the setting, the music,  everything was great. Here is my review, (or so you can call it).

Despicable Me 2: 


Yes, I know it’s a children’s movie, but I loved it as much as the first one. It was quite entertaining, and I have become, just like all the other adult-children a huge fan of those minions :’D Here is my review.

The Internship: 


I have already mentioned that this would be the best comedy movie of the year for me. I don’t really care if it is a bad advertisement for google, I loved it, and laughed harder than to any lther film this year. I loved the harry potter reference, and any other geeky references, with movies or games or social media. It describes our generation in comparison to the older generation very well :) Here you can read more about it.

The Call:


I have watched this movie with my sister and my friend on Halloween this year, and it was very exciting. We were positively surprised, because the last times the three of us watched a movie together, they were quite badand boring movies. This time we were lucky. Halle Berry together with Abigail Breslin, nothing wrong can happen. Although the movie had some unrealistic turns, and the end was a bit disappointing, I would recommend this if you want to watch something exciting without any horror elements. But I warn you, you will be exhausted by the end of the film ;)

Django Unchained: 



This was probably one of the best movies in 2013 (It aired this year in Germany. It can vary from country to country I know, but I wanted this movie on my list). As being a big Tarantino fan, this movie was destined to be one of the best ofmthis year. The actors were chosen perfectly, and the violence was typical for Tarantino, as wsll as the twisted humour. Yet, this was not his best work. It still can’t top Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill, but this movie definitely stands for itself. I unfortunately have no review, but I would give it a 8/10.

Life of Pi:


I know this movie is from 2012, but I watched it in 2013 February, right after the Oscars. Because it got so many Oscars, it was in the cinema again after that. I also read the book this year, and the movie, as well as the book are amazing, magical, and wondeful. Ang Lee already is one of my favorite directors, and with tis movie, I was sure he would get the Oscar for best director. If you haven’t yet watched this movie then do it. If you haven’t read thd book, do it as well :)

The Bling Ring:


This movie might not be for everyone, but I kind of liked this one because 1. It is a Sofia Coppola movie, and I admire her pretty much, 2. Emma Watson is in this,  so the combination is rather great, and 3. This movie shows this generation quite good. If someone doesn’t like this movie because it only shows some dumb, materialistic thieves, whose lifes are only based on designer clothes and partying without any dephth, then I have to tell you that this movie does nothing but show reality. That’s why I think this movie is misunderstood and needs more attention.

So as you can see, my list is rather unspectacular. I haven’t watched much of the really good movies of this year, so I yet have to catch up with those. I definitely want to watch Gravity, The Hobbit,  Only God forgives, This is the end, Kick-Ass2 and lot more!  I will probably add those as a single reviewand maybe change this list if I manage to watch them before the year ends :) Until that, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree and I am open for many recommendations.





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