And another List

Found this on this blog:

Making : this blog entry 

Cooking : we will cook dumplings on Friday with our chinese calligraphy class :)

Drinking : water
Reading: Lolita from Vladimir Nabokov
Wanting: Holidays already
Looking: Through different blog posts
Playing:  To Anamanaguchi on 8tracks
Deciding: What to wear on new years eve
Wishing: For Good grades
Enjoying: The last days of university before christmas break
Waiting: For the new year
Liking: Dark Chocolate
Wondering:  Why I don’t sleep
Loving: Reading with a hot chocolate or tea to drink :)
Pondering: about my speech in class today
Considering: Searching a holiday job for February
Watching: How I met your mother,  TBBT, New Girl
Hoping: To be able to do my Erasmus in England next year
Marveling: A friend of mine who knows everything :O
Needing: A proper job…
Smelling: The strange men’s perfume that my brother has applied on my hand
Wearing: My pullover I wore to uni today, and jogging trousers
Following:  Many new blogs I found just now on wordpress
Noticing: How bad and nervous I got during presentations this year
Knowing: That I won’t do anything special on Christmas
Thinking: About the work I have to do during the break
Admiring: My sister right now because she earns her own money
Buying: Nothing. I have no money
Getting:  For the new year :)
Bookmarking:  The books on goodreads I want to read
Opening: Maybe amazon packages and gift wrapper papers in the next few days?
Giggling: At some funny pug videos I have watched on Youtube right nkw :’D
Feeling: sleepy.


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