I hate the winter sun!

Yes, I really do. Then I would prefer a cloudy winter day, without getting blinded and straying through the streets without seeing anything. You will see the sun more often in winter than in summer here in bitch-weather-germany. And the most annoying thing about this is: While you sweat in your coat, scarf, and beanie in the middle of a December day, you will freeze by the evening with the same clothes. So what the hell should I wear? Fashion becomes a challenge for me in winter. I hate my winter wardrobe, that’s why I am so unmotivated when it comes to winter fashion. I also have an allergy against acarids, so I hate wearing thick pullovers, or scarves in winter, although I often have to because it gets so freezing cold in January and February in Germany, and I will immediately get sick if I forget my scarf -.- I am so jealous about all the people living in rather warm cities. They can walk around during winter in stylish clothes, with tights and leather jackets, and can abstain from getting all wrapped up before entering the overly cold outdoors, which will take you for sure 5 minutes (round scarve around your neck, wear your coat, button up, pull out your hair outnof your collar, wear your beanie, and then a pair of gloves,  and in the end your winter boots). I hate it, really! The winter season only has few good things to offer:

  • Gingerbread, cinnamon, hot chocolate, and all the yummy sweets
  • No spiders (although I have killed a little one today)
  • Beautiful decorations
  • The best movies will air

But these are only 4 points. Now look on my list for Contra-Winter, and give me a good reason(s) not to consider this season as worst:

  • The blinding winter sun
  • It’s always cold, no matter what you wear
  • Partying gets almost impossible without a car
  • Everyone gets sick
  • The disadvantageous fashion (especially for allergic persons like me)
  • It takes HOURS until you are finished wearing your outdoor clothes
  • Heating costs
  • It gets dark at 5 pm already (compare with summer: 9-10 pm)
  • And so, you will have higher electricity costs
  • SNOW: you can slip and break your neck
  • You’re getting fat: the disadvantage of the advantage
  • Wintersports are too dangerous,and too expensive
  • Waking up in the cold morning TToTT
  • dry skin
  • Pale face
  • And many more things which don’t pop up on my mind right now.

If you have any suggestions for both pro and contra please comment :) I can’t get enough of winter haters, and a few nice things about that cold season might also make it more bearable for me.

Do you have a favorite/least favorite season? Which is it?and why?

Hope you enjoyed this spontaneous post :D

Thanks for reading.


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