Lana del Rey – Tropico

Lana del Rey – Tropico

I have finally watched the long awaited short movie “Tropico” by Lana del Rey, consisting of her songs Body Electric, Gods and Monsters, and Bel Air. It aired on the 5th of December. I couldn’t watch it last week, because I was not sure where to watch it. But then I found the source on

However, I am honestly disappointed by these 24 minutes of video. I have imagined the videos to be quite different. At first, I was a bit annoyed by the beginning of the Video in which Lana appears as the Holy Mother Maria and prays to a “Dear John”. The Video begins with the song Body Electric. I liked that first part of the Video, with the depiction of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but I thought this part of the video would fit more to Gods and Monsters than to Body Electric.

Then, the second part of the video, Gods and Monsters, in which Lana turns out to be a wannabe-vintage-gangsta-rap-bitch-stripper, and a wannabe-Latino, showing asses and tits of other women, Dollar Bills, guns, and bouncing Cadillacs. I felt like I was watching a goddamn Tyga Video. It also kind of reminded me of Asap Rocky’s video Wassup, in which all the gangstas stand on the edge of a cliff (or somewhere like that) with their bitches in their arms, looking dramatically. The second part of the video was total crap! I thought that the strippers with their ass implants would disappear now, soon. But then Lana’s speaking voice came, citing the first lines of Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’, and very suitably showing more strippers bouncing with their asses on some old entrepreneurs. WHATTHAFUCK!!!

The third part of the video starts calmly, and with less naked skin. Only the albino guy and Lana are seen on a car, from which Lana throws out a purse and her diamond jewellery. Bel Air starts playing, and the both of them go out to the fields, and look each other romantically, hug each other and in the end they sway in the air in a pose as if he was banging her, everything becomes black and white and then it ends… That was it. That was Bel Air… My favorite song on the album for which I had imagined a fantastic, mystical castle or palace, ends up being a corny romantic scene in some fields….

I really expected more. Especially of Gods and Monsters and Bel Air. I am totally disappointed by this short movie. I am not sure, if there is maybe a secret message I should understand, but I just think that Lana wanted to create a movie in which she could mix some vintage figures like Marilyn and Elvis to a scenery of half-naked strippers and then to be fair to her nickname Gangsta Nancy Sinatra while ending the whole video with an innocent scenery. No Lana, this was definitely your worst video project…

I whish she will never ever shoot a video like this again… :/


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