Late-autumn-early-morning walks


My friend wrote me this morning while I wasin bed and asked if I wanted to walk the dog with her. I agreed since the weather was great this morning and should remain like this. And I was also getting quite lazy the last few days, so a little bit of walking and fresh air would be nice -I thought. 

She picked me up and we drove to a nicd green place to walk. The weather was warm again, not so cold like in the last days. There were no clouds in the sky, it was light blue. The ground was a bit wet though, but it was not so bad. The real horrible thing was something different: Although it is already late autumn now, and winter might knock on the door soon, we walked into lots of spiderwebs floating almost invisible in the air. I was really shocked, and after picking, or rather hitting, two tiny spider off my friend’s hairs, we slowly started to get really scared and paranoid! It was early in the morning, the sky was nice and the sun was shining bright. And we behaved like we were in a horror movie. “I AM SO SCARED!” I exclaimed in despair. And then we had to laugh because this situation seemed so bizarre. Once before, in summer, when my friend took the photos with the ballons of me, my friend was totally scared of the balloons exploding loudly :’D we rememberred this and had to laugh harder. Passer-bys probably thought we were high on crack or something, since we behaved so paranoid at first, and then laughed our asses off :’D At once, we headed back to the car, but on our way, we walked past and into several spiderwebs, screaming like crazy, and trying somehow to avoid them. The dog probably wondered what was wrong with us :’D Once, I even saw one spiderweb floating up in the air, from right to left, with a little, black spider hanging on the end of the web >< I HATE those bloody brutes!!! I really have to do something against my aracnophobia… this can’t go on like this. 

Somehow we got to the car. After some speculations about why there were so many spiders around in late autumn, we came to the conclusion that it was not bitter cold winter yet, and that it was early in the morning, on such a warm and beautiful day. 

What I have learned today: Never have a walk outside when it is early in the morning and late in autumn. OR: Just move to a big city right away, there isn’t so much nature, that I can’t handle :’D

Thanks for reading.


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