11.11.2013: first-year-blogging-anniversary

It is already the 11th of the 11th month and one year has already passed since I started this blog. This is already my 198th post, so soon I will also reach my 200th post (a shame that it isn’t today). I will think about some extra post for that day :) 

And, of course, not to forget, I have already reached 150 followers. Here I want to thank all of you for reading my blog, and liking and commenting my posts. 50 more, and I will also reach here the 200 mark :) 

For today, I have last-minute decided upon posting a quote about the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. I decided upon a nice, but not perfect one. It still has to be edited. Sometimes, finding the write words and a nice sentence structure seem to be very hard. 

So, here is my quote:

Unfortunately, life is never like in a movie. I haven’t been as brave as to turn around that moment and go and embrace him, tell him that I liked him. And he was not as lucky as the male protagonist who, in the end, wouldn’t have been disappointed by love, because the girl would have been brave enough to commit. 

So, here is, exclusively for you, my readers, a part of my writing project. I hope it is not a confusing structure and you all somehow understand what it wants to say. The backgdound of the story is about two people who meet each other after several years and remember their last year of school when they both were in love with each other, but to scared to commit to each other, and especially, to commit to themselves. I hope you could somehow understand what it is about. Shortly, one could say it is about skinny love. 

Once again, thank you for reading, following, liking and commenting my blog. Keep it up! ;) 


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