Tutoring strategies and Italian food

Yesterday, I had my very first ‘business dinner’. Like I have told before, I am working part – time at a tutoring institute and giving lessons in english, german, and elementary school maths. I began working last year in september, but wasn’t able to come to a dinner before, because they are always put on a friday, and I had courses last year on fridays until 6pm. It always starts at about 6.45 pm, but I would have never managed to come at time. I always wanted to, since I was new and didn’t know many of the teachers. And I also  missed some trainings last year, as well as the Christmas dinner. 

The first group meeting I attended was this year in June. But I couldn’t go to the dinner afterwards, because I was invited to a party. The first meeting however was without a training presentation. Then we just talked about our plans for the summer break classes, and the usual formal things. In the teaching this year, we learned again how to successfully treat the pupils especially at the beginning and ending of classes, for example:

1) we should nicely greet the pupils and ask them how they are doing, how school was, check the attendance, ask for grades or exams. I, for example, check the attendance first, and ask what they have done at school. I have never really asked how they were doing, but I plan to do it now for the future.

2) In the teaching part I am almost doing everything right, walking around the table, bending forward to them to explain, and of course, giving them some work to do. One thing I forgot doing, is asking about the subject matter of what they learned last week.

3) At the end of the class, the last five minutes should be announced before, so that the pupils can finish their last exercises, ask questions or ask the teacher to correct their exercises, and repeat what they have learned. Then, when they are about to leave the classroom, everything should be cleaned and tidied up properly, the teacher should say goodbye to them and eventually wish them good luck for their exams, and finally, wipe the board, turn off the light,  shut the windows, and leave. In this final part I do everything according to the plan, except asking them to repeat again what they have learnt today. 

We were also shown some videos with good and bad examples in comparison to which we should respond. At the end, we were supposed to go in groups and brainstorm about what we usually do in the beginning of a class. I was with four other teachers, all female, in the elementary school group. Two of them were new, and we also exchanged how to treat problem students, especially those at elementary school, but we were a bit disappointed that they didn’t say anything about those problem students at the teaching. We also mentioned this at the end when we gave feedback to the presentation. 

I personally found the teaching quite interesting, although it might sometimes get complicated to stick to it in real life since human beings are diverse and every pupil has to be treated as an individual. 

After that extensive session, I was very happy about the dinner. Since most of the tutors are students themselves, it wasn’t quite hard to find a conversational partner with similar interests. One of my friends from back at school is alsoa tutor there now,  and we also study together. But he sat somewhere else at the restaurant, so I talked with the ones sitting next to or in front of me. With 4 or 5 people I kept talking about movies, books, music, manga, anime, and travelling. 

The food was also excellent. Our chef has reserved a table at an italian restaurant. My favorite kitchen. The menu was huge so it was difficult to decide upon a dish. Since I a, ready had tortellini this week with my friend Merve, and didn’t feel like eating pizza, I ordered Spaghetti Napoli. We were always doing it at home with an instant Napoli sauce, so I wanted to try the real Napoli. It came with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, and garlic. I took very long to eat it, since it was still quite hot and the spaghetti was quite long. But it had a great, light and fresh taste. 

I stayed until about 11 pm and left with 2 other tutors. The food was paid by the institution, so I didn’t have to pay anything, which was a big win situation ;)

I am already looking forward for the Christmas dinner. 


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