Milka cows and coffee

On thursday I went to Stuttgart with Giuli to get a pesent for Merve whose birthday was on friday the 1sr November. I had a 6-hour break from noon until 6pm, so I could easily go. 

At the train station in stuttgart there were milka cow mascots walking around, distributing milka toffee chocolate. I didn’t like the chocolate so much, surprisingly, but I wanted picture with the purple milka cow (there was also a brown cow). 


Like said before, we got her a notebook with cats on the cover and also sticked some photos inside and wrote about our day in Stuttgart with her, two weeks ago or so. We have also put some sticky notes inside, so that she can mark her diary entries with different moods, or also use them for her studies. 

After finishing our shopping in the drugstore to develop some instagram photos for the notebook, we went to Starbucks. I wanted to try out the pumpkin spice latte for the first time ever. I know, it is quite late, but I always missed it. And I really missed a lot I have to admit. It was sooooo delicious! 


After the coffee we slowly prepared for return. I still had my chinese course until 8pm. I would arrive at 9pm at home and so too tired to do anything special on halloween this time. I also missed the kids :/ but we watched a movie, “the call” which was super exciting. I will also write a review about it. 



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