Hello November!

After an exciting evening on Halloween with one of the most nerve-wrecking movies I have watched in the last few weeks (review is coming soon), I said farewell to October and greeted November the first with a fun birthday party of my Erasmus friend Merve from Istanbul.

Yesterday my friend Giulia and me took the train on 6pm to be at time at the mexican restaurant where she also wanted to celebrate. Unfortunately, the evening began quite unorganized since she didn’t reserve a table and also told us that we would meet about half an hour later because her friend who came from munich has missed her bus and would arrive later than expected. However, we walked around the streets for 30 minutes and met in front of an italian restaurant just to assert that they were full as well.

Finally we found seats at the irish pub. So we were lucky in the end and didn’t have to starve that evening.

I ordered a chickenburger, Sinem, one friend of Merve, ordered fish and chips and the other three ordered cheeseburgers. The food was so tasty, but unfortunately my chicken filet was too thick and the bun to thin, that’s why my burger fell apart and I had to eat it with knife and fork…That’s really not the way a hamburger should be eaten.

After we finished, Giuli and me gave her the present.  It was a notebook with cat motives on it. Inside the notebook we have sticked photos and written about our day in Stuttgart together.  She was surprised about it and loved the present indeed. She later also told me that we couldn’t have found a better present, because she loves cats and self-made stuff. I was quite flattered and happy about our choice of present.

The night was still young so we decided to go to a bar. After several filled, tiny bars we have decided upon a shot bar called Shooters. I have heard about their awesome shots, and absolutely wanted to try it out. I have also found the shot-menu and was confused at once. There were only funny names listed on a tiny card but it really was hard to chose one. Then, I saw the funniest thing ever: I found my dad’s name on the menu :’D I was sure to order this.


Additionally I have ordered a Gin Tonic, thankfully I did.


It turned out the shot contained an alcoholic beverage that my father normally drinks: Raki! And I hate it! It tastes awful!  Utterly disgusting! Now, I was quite afraid to drink that shot and blamed myself: “Why the hell did I order this? It should be obvious that a shot named after my father would definitely contain raki.”

After a while I wanted to get it over with and we all cheered to drink it.

From bottom to top: Ferrari, Erol, Bmw, Checkpoint Charlie, Faust

I almost died and for a short moment thought I would puke it out right now right there. After our loud shot, we seemed to have aroused quite some attention, because an irish guy started to talk to us. He seemed to sympathetize with sinem quite, and talked with her all the time since she has also been to Ireland.

After some minutes of calming down from the shot (In the meantime I couldn’t even taste my gin tonic anymore because the raki seemed to have killed my sense of taste), some friends of Merve’s friend Maria arrived. 4 people, they were 2  couples. A spanish guy called Gonzales was together with a hungarian girl called Dalma. And an American guy called Alex together with an Indian-american girl named Tara. Alex and Tara were from Yale *o* It was the first time I met someone from yale.

Because there were no seats in the bar anymore, we hurried up with our drinks. After finishing, we walked around a bit and searched for a place to continue. We decided on another bar called Last Resort. The music was good: some kind of ro rock’n’ roll. They even had an old nintendo console there, but no one was playing. Giuli wanted to, but we soon had to go and catch the train

However, it was a geat evening with yummy food, lots of drinks and new people.


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