Technology problems and money issues

Now it has finally happened: My laptop is not working anymore. 

I flipped out yesterday. I was watching the brand new episodes of How I met your mother, and while I was at the 5th and the most current episode, my laptop suddenly froze. The picture was not moving, but I was hearing the sound. I pressed and clicked anything. I opened the task manager, tried to close mozilla. Nothing worked. I couldn’t do ANYTHING!!! I repeatedly hit on my laptop violently. Of course nothing got better. Then I totally flipped out! I smacked it on the sofa and then had a pillow fight with it! I was super pissed! I waited and opened the task manager again. This time, I could close Mozilla. I did a re-start. It took quite long but afterwards, my desktop was blank. Only my screen saver could be seen. Then, after I have told everyone on Whatsapp that my laptop was freaking out right now, the icons on my desktop appeared. But the internet was still not connected. And as I tried to open mozilla, it didn’t work. Nothing worked. My mouse was simply a loading symbol. The only thing I could do was to push the off button. I gave it up. 

Today, I have tried to turn it on again. The start took longer than expected. But it was the same again. My mouse was only a loading symbol and I couldn’t even klick on nothing. So, I guess my laptop is not to be rescued now. I will try it again tomorrow, but I don’t have any hopes…

Eff you 2013!!! I hate you! Worst year ever!!! 

Now, with no money, I have to get me a new laptop (or tablet) soon. If it should be a laptop again, I have to look for a small one. But I have noticed that small ones are not that cheap as well. There is no good one under 500€ (and I purchased my Toshiba for 400€ back then in 2009). If I should buy a tablet it will NOT be an apple, and it will have to have a keyboard. I will need it for writing essays as well. There are pretty good ones from Samsung for about 600€ I think. And the keyboard will also cost about 100€, so I think it would a fair price for a modern device (wow, I made a rhyme!) 

Question is: Who is to pay it? Obviously, my dad has no money, My brother has lots of things to pay himself, and my sister would never lend me something. I really don’t know what to do. I only got 50€ on my account, and I haven’t worked the last two weeks, and still have no courses to give at the teaching institution. I have already applied for another (overly awesome) job. It’s in the media part of the mall in which they sell books, magazines and dvds. That would be more than great if I could work there!!! Then, I could definitely afford a new laptop. But I still don’t know when they will call me, so I somehow have to buy a new laptop soon, not at last for my studies which is almost not possible without word which is, unfortunately, not installed on my sister’s laptop from which I am blogging right now… -.- 

So, wish me the best, readers, and hope to write with good news soon.


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