TV-Series I have to continue/begin

Since I have lots of free time now due to my swollen face, I thought I could continue some of the TV-series I have started in the last few months/years. To organize properly what I have already begun and want to continue, and which ones I want to start, I thought about making a post about it.

TV-Series I have to continue:

  1. How I met your mother:Now the last episodes are airing and I am really excited what will happen. But mostly, I am excited to finally see the end of this awesome, legendary tv-show ;)  Image
  2. Suburgatory: I loved this show from the first episode on in which ryan shay performs funny-sexy dance moves, imitating their parents at sex :’D After that first episode, I immediately became a fan. I think I love all the characters, even Daliah.
    BTW: don’t you also think that Jane Levy looks so much like Emma Stone???
  3. The Big Bang Theory: To be honest, I didn’t like this TV-show at first when I watched it. It was in english and I didn’t understand the science-jokes at all. But after watching a few BBT-episodes at my pragmatics seminar last year at university, I kind of got interested in the jokes. But I thought it to be funny when I watched a few episodes on german TV on which I also got the jokes :D I think I am still too stupid for science in english ;) Image
  4. Girls: My friend told me about this series and after that I also hear and read about it in magazines. It is called to be the younger version of “Sex and the City”. Since I don’t consider myself to be a “Sex-and-the-City”-fan, or as someone who has even watched that TV-series, I was a bit curious about it. So I have begun the first few episodes (fighting with shitty players on the internet), and despite of some quite ugly and unmoral scenes (I hate Lena’s psychopath boyfriend, and that french girl is really scary…), I found that series quite truthful and direct. And I somehow could connect with that Marni so well, I don’t know why :’D And the only reason I haven’t yet finished it, is because of the lame players :’DImage
  5. Once upon a time: Last year, at my oral communication seminar, a girl in my class made a presentation about her favorite series atm, and it turned out to be “Once upon a time”. A story describing our time but with fairytale characters sneaked in our world. I was interested immediately, and told her that I would definitely watch it. I also began watching it, but somehow I couldn’t finish. And now I am super excited about the next episodes I have in front of me :)
    btw: Sherrif Graham, played by jamie dornan is super hot!!!
  6. New Girl: This series was hyped by almost everyone I know. I got interested, since Zooey Deschanel is in the leading role. I immediately began watching this, and was not disappointed at all :) Image
  7. South Park: South Park is just South Park :’D You have to watch at least one episode, to understand what I love about this. Of course, not everyone has the same humour, but you just shouldn’t take everything so serious. Although, some stuff they tell correlates the truth in some way or another. Image
  8. The Simpsons: Now, the most famous tv-series of all time, The Simpsons :’D I have always watched it as a kid, together with my brother who is 10 years older than me. But after the episode in which Bart shows his ass and takes photos of it, I didn’t want to watch it anymore :’D I didn’t consider it to be proper for me back then as a kid. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the episodes before and after that time I watched it. So I want to start from the beginning, the first season, up until the newest ones. And I was quite shocked by the first episode ever. It was scary indeed. Image

Yes I think that was it. And now the ones I want to start:

  1. The Office: My friend has told me about it, and I mean, it’s with Steve Carrell *o* Image
  2. Modern Family: I heard this series was funny, showing the lifes of different families, gay family included. Image
  3. 2 Broke Girls: I saw some pictures of that series on the internet, and my brother said it was good. And I thought it might be funny, since I am also a broke universtiy girl somehow :’D Image
  4. Parks and Recreations: To be honest, I haven’t heard much about that series, only that it should be quite good. Image
  5. Breaking Bad: Yeah, yeah. The shocking final of this series, everyone talked about the past few weeks. I have from a lot of people that this series was awesome. Even my former philosphy teacher watched this. I began watching the first episode, but the player broke off and I didn’t feel like searching for a new one, since I didn’t like the first few minutes of the first episode. But everyone told me that the first few episodes are a bit boring and I just have to continue watching it. So, I think, after so many good friends of mine watch it already, I should give it a try. Image
  6. Happy Endings: This series is quite new and I have heard from a few that it is quite hilarious. Image
  7. Under the Dome: This is a series, based on a Stephen King book I have heard. My brother already downloaded the first few episodes, and said that it was super exciting. So I will definitely watch it. Image



4 thoughts on “TV-Series I have to continue/begin

  1. I keep on watching HIMYM only for Barney, since I know who the mom is he’s the only reason :) jokes got… not funny? sometimes Lily-Marshal can make it too, but in general it lost it’s magic :) TBBT is great, I love it! especially Howard and his mother makes me think of my husband and his mom :D and my husband is always like ‘oh I know that thing on the board, oh and this’ :D I don’t really like the office, it’s on the tv because it’s the only not-news thing in our tv at the time I fall asleep, 2 broke girls are great but don’t believe ‘Polish character’, there’s one lady claiming to be a PL immigrant and nothing she says is true :D have you seen the walking dead or game of thrones? love them! american horror story is good too :)


    1. I actually love Marshall and Lilly. I think I like them both equally as I like Barney :) I don’t like Robin at all. I love Sheldon and Raj the most :’D No, I haven’t seen walking dead. Is it horror? When yes, I probably can’t watch it, because I am not a big horror fan. About Game of Thrones I am rather undecisive. Although I love fantasy, I am not so much into history. So I will probably at first think about it :) but thanks for the advice :)


  2. HIMYM is hilarious! My friend sent me the first series when I was in Germany last year and I was hooked! I still need to continue it though, along with many more from your list! Maybe I should wait until I graduate this summer before I spend all my time watching TV haha!

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