First day of University, First chinese session of the second level

Yesterday, my first university course started: My chinese language course level II. I was already extremely excited about it now since we would get a new teacher and I was also wondering how money people from last semester would continue the course :) Monday, I also met with my Erasmus friend and Elena, a friend from my chinese course whom I already knew from last year’s Oral Communication Course we attended together :) We tried to learn at the library, but most of the time, we laughed and talked about different things. Yesterday, I went earlier to learn with Elena again at the cafeteria of my faculty. I noticed that I somehow missed it :) I also saw my other friend reading a book for her term paper. She told me that the lecture for novel beginnings and endings was so interesting and adviced me to take it, too since I have so little courses.

We learned about 2 hours, and then we went to the chinese faculty. As we entered the room, we already saw a few familiar faces, but a lot of people were missing. They either forgot that it started that week, or they were in the wrong room.

However, the new teacher was younger, and seemed more qualified in teaching than our last teacher. At first, we thought she would be strict, and she was in fact stricter than our last teacher, but I am positive that we will learn a lot with her. She already teached at different universities, including Berkeley in California. And all her chinese students were always under the best ones in spelling of the whole country. Spelling really is the hardest in chinese and has to be practiced really good. I think musicians would be geniuses in chinese.

We were a bit shocked after our first session of the second level since she has planned a lot of tests and oral exams and so on. But at least, I will have something to do over the semester :)


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