99 Questions to ask yourself


I have got these questions from a german magazine called Neon:

1. What are you addicted to? – Chocolate!

2. What is the first thing you’d do if you were invisible? – Sneak into a bank and steal money :’D

3. Pictures or plants in the office? – Hmmm… Pictures? Dunno!

4. Which body part would you perform magic upon for embellishment? – Nose probably, or ass.

5. Do you know people who would immediately sleep with you? – Hmmm not sure. I think as a woman you can ask any man to sleep with you and there would always be someone who agrees.

6. How often do you google yourself? – Never to be honest. I have done it only once.

7. Have you ever been depressive? – Not that kind of depression where you need a prescription from a doctor, but I kind of get sad quite often. But I would rather call myself a melancholic than a depressive.

8. What is the most humiliating thing that can be found on the internt about you? – Not so much. Maybe my earlier facebook – posts from 4 years ago :’D

9. Do you believe time heals every wound? – A new skin grows over it, but the surface will always look different…

10. Which education quote from your parents would you never say to your children? – “when you chew gums in the night, you chew on the meat of the dead.” My parents really had scary thoughts…

11. How many minutes per day do you look on your smartphone? – Depends on the messages I get. But in total it might be about 2 hours.

12. Do you offhandedly contact your parents? – I live with them so I don’t need to :D But I would if I lived alone.

13. Do you know how your parents met? – Yes!

14. Two things you miss when you’re on trips? – My bed and my shower.

15. What is the word of your childhood? – Never thought about that? I don’t know what that should be. I guess there were quite a lot words  we said :’D

16. When was the last time you played a game? – Last thursday: Hangman with the kids at the “Schülerhilfe” (a teaching organization)

17. Do you concern yourself more with your past or your future? – With both to be honest.

18. Which language do you wish to be proficient in perfectly? – Except for english, it would be japanese. such a beautiful but difficult language.

19. Are you trying hard not to be recognised as a tourist during a vacation? – Yes :D But it is really important in special countries where you can easily be fooled by the people there.

20. Do you like yourself better when drunk? – Sometimes I do :’D But I can speak french when drunk ;D

21. Do you drink too much? – No ;)

22. What do you have to protect yourself from? – From cold

23. With which friendly couple you would have to have sex? – Eww… That would be quite disturbing.

24. What is awkward to you? – Don’t know really. Not many things. Maybe when my pussy would get exposed in public. Or farting in public.

25. What are you better at than the others? – Maybe I am better in cheering up other people.

26. When have you done something good for others? – Just today. I helped an Erasmus student how to register for her university courses :)

27. And when have you done it without expecting a service in return? – I actually never expect it.

28. Do you want children? When yes, how many? – I don’t know. Haven’t thought about it yet. But I am sure that I want kids, even if it is a hard thing to do.

29. Are you afraid of white hair? – A little bit. But then I will have an excuse to color them :D

30. Which animal do you look alike? – An owl maybe? or a terrier :D

31. What are you absolutely not qualified for? – For fundraising, for carrying heavy things and stuff like that :D

32. Which secret is you partner not allowed to know about? – It wouldn’t be a secret if I would tell it, right?

33. What three things is nobody else also not allowed to know about you? – I haven’t really thought about it.

34. Why, do you think, your friends are friends with you? – Maybe because I say funny things without realising, or because I am helpful and cute ;D or someone candid and good-hearted who has to be protected. That’s how I would estimate myself.

35. How much affinity does your facebook profile has with yourself? – Well, if you mean if my profile picture displays me, than the affinity is big.

36. What bothers you most about your partner? – Dunno, maybe that I don’t have one? :’D

37. Why do you publish things on the Internet? – I don’t want my thoughts to get lost.

38. Do you have a real hobby? – Like playing an instrument or doing sports? No, unfortunately. Only stuff like reading, writing, watching things and so on.

39. What search words do you enter on Youporn? – I don’t use youporn. But if I would I would enter “menage-a-trois” :’D

40. Whose Facebook post-office-box would you like to be able to read in undisturbedly? – I really don’t have anyone special in my mind right now.

41. When was the last time on which you had no internet for one whole day? – I think the last time was during my first days at that village I was for my fundraising job.

42. Which is your photogenic side? – My left side I think :D

43. Which things do you want to own, although you could also lend them? – Books! And clothes of course.

44. What should you save on? – Going out so often and spending money on many useless things.

45. Who did you steal from? – I don’t steal.

46. What is you feeling-good-weigt? – I think it would be 50kg. I am 57 now I think. To be sure, I also feel well with my current weight.

47. Which part of your body do you find the funniest? – funny? Hmm, maybe my toes.

48. Do you carry a hairdo or do just have hairs on your head? – I have hairs on my head :’D

49. What is your favorite flower? – Daisies.

50. Do you live in the right city? – Definitely not!

51. Which historic person would you like to be for one day? – I think I would like to be Casanova :’D

52. Are you really too old to start a band? – Bullshit! :’D

53. How many dishes are you able to cook by heart? – Two or three? Dunno :D I’m a beginner ;D

54. Do you know a poem by heart? – No, not really :D

55. On a scale of 1 to 10: How smart are you? – Hmmm.. 6,5?

56. On a scale of 1 to 10: How funny are you? – Maybe about 7. There are way funnier people than me, but also quite boring ones :D

57. On a scale of 1 to 10: How beautiful are you? – That’s unfair :D Well, I get minus points because of my nose, the rings under my eyes and my chin, so 7 ;D

58. What is you contribution to improve the world? – I walk.

59. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you actually disliked? – Huh? How should that be possible?

60. Are you sometimes exhausting on purpose? – You caught me! ;D

61. Are there people who hate you? – YES! My ex-branch-manager. She was a stupid, jealous b****.

62. Which people do you hate? – Nazis and Racists. Oh wait, they are no human beings. Sorry!!

63. What is missing in your life? – Money to travel around.

64. Are you a grouch? – Rather a lamenter.

65. Is everything going rather too fast or toos low for you? – Too fast, way too fast! Officially I am 22, but in my mind, I am still 16 I guess :’D

66. Which fear is hindering you in life? – Maybe my fear of spiders? Or fear of wasting my time.

67. Close your eyes and think of something nice. What are you thinming about? – Going somewhere abroad. Or swimming in the sea.

68. “Feuchtgebiete” (“Wetlands”) or “Shades of Grey”? – In fact, nothing of those, but I would rather read “Shades of Grey” since it isn’t so disgusting -.-

69. Have you done all the things during your youth you wanted to? – Well I am still young, so I have time. But I still have to do a lot of things.

70. If not, what hinders you from doing them now? – Lack of money… what else?

71. Why aren’t you unfaithful? – I am a bad liar.

72. Dein Flugzeug stürzt ab. Who are you writing you last message? – Message??! Are you kidding me? I am busy with pulling those things on my face and the vests on my body!

73. Can you imagine a war you would agree upon? – No! Well, maybe the war of fighting Nazis and Racists. But something like this is almost impossible since you can’T really prove who is one and who not?

74. When is the point your bank balance is disquieting you? – minus 60? I don’T have a big budget…

75. Do you at least understand a bit how the euro crisis has developed? – For sure! I was at an economic school and had it in my A’levels exems :O

76. If you thing about this ciris: What exactly do you fear? – I fear not having a job in the future. Or not getting the deserved payment.

77. Have you ever been in deadly peril? – I think during my asthm attack as a child.

78. Who would you risk your life for? – My mum probably.

79.Have you already gotten you life’s most beautiful declaration of love? – Only a simple declarati of love

80. When was the last time you told your parents you love them? – Good question.

81. Order the following areas according to priority in your life: Partnership, family, job, friends, hobbys, sex – 1)Family 2)Friends 3)Hobbys 4)Job 5)Partnership 6)Sex

82. Which habit would you like to break? – prawning my fingers.

83. Do you message your friends more often, or they? – It is quite equal.

84. Which worries does your best friend have? – Worries of being able to finish her studys without getting broke.

85. Do you know her/his phone number by heart? – No. I scarcely know my own.

86. Do you remember your first phone number? – Nope! :’D

87. Who are calling most often? – My dad I think.

88. Who do you call when you are not feeling well? – No one.

89. With which expartner would you rather sleep now? – I only have one

90. Do you really love the person lying next to you in the bed, or is it only nice not to be alone? – I lie alone. But I wouldn’t be together with someone just for the reason of not being alone.

91. Are you better in apologizing or forgiving? – I think forgiving

92. What’s you life motto? – Don’t know. I think I don’t really have one. And the only one that comes to my mind right now is the one from Charlie Chaplin: “A day without a smile is a lost day” Or something like that.

93. How well do you know your neighbors? – Well, a little bit.

94. Which crime would you commit if you were sure it would never come out? – Stealing money, in form of robbing a bank :D I think that would my perfect crime which I don’t think is unethical.

95. Have you ever ciritcised your chef? – No!!

96. For what would you go to the streets? – Money! Haha , no kidding :D Unless I don’t have a talent, it would be literally shameless. I think it would be for a creative project for school or for my blog maybe.

97. Are you able to defend yourself when being attacked physically? – Nope! Unfortunately.

98. How many people would come to your funeral? – Quite a lot I guess. I have a big family…

99. What changes when you die? – A very scary questiion with a scarier answer: nothing except for regrets of unsaid words and depressive parents.


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