Crystal Castles – Knights

Since this song has no lyrics, because it is electronic, I will just short write down my opinion about this song and video.
I have discovered this band after watching the british series “Skins”. After listening to their song ‘Alice Practice’, I immediately searched for more songs. They surprisingly had a lot of original videos on youtube (since many videos are put down from youtube in Germany here). When it comes to their songs, I can’t really decide which is my favorite, but this video is my favorite one. It is set in Japan, Tokyo (the huge crossway hints to Shibuya), one of the dream cities I want to travel to. Furthermore, I like the idea of a bunch of young people (not too young, in their 20s probably) taking some pills together and playing around in the fountain, through the city and ending up in a club.
I also have the imagination that Tokyo is a futuristic city, fond of new technology, and that’s why I love it as a setting for an electronic song. Everything fits perfectly.


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