Film review: ‘Frankenweenie’


Director: Tim Burton

Cast: Winona Ryde, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short,…

Release Date: 2012

Genre: Animation

Lenghth: 87 min.

Finally, I have watched this movie now. I am a huge fan of Tim Burton movies. I have almost watched all of his movies now, and definitely every movie of my time. I have heard about Frankenweenie in one of his DVD’s. There was an Extra preview to this movie he has been developing for years now. It is something like a childhood story of his I think. And the story is really cute and sad, but has this kind of humour that is typical for Tim Burton. I have to admit, though, that this movie is nothing for children. It is kind of scary, especially that blond girl with her cat Mr. Whiskas. I had to laugh about the pile that the cat made :’D

I loved the fact that there were references to the original Frankstein movie. And the mutated turtled of Toshiaki reminded me of Godzilla somehow.

The whole storyline was quite creatie but the end was forseeable. I was a bit sad, though, that the russian science teacher had to go. He was so impulsie :D

All in all, a very cute Tim Burton movie (might not seem so cute for people who are not used to his style) and definitely a must-see for fans.

Here is my favorite song of the Soundtrack (which was also created by Danny Elfman):

Final rating – 8/10: Another masterpiece of Tim Burton, but the story is a little bit forseeable.


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