Fridays are the new mondays

Today was quite a busy day. I woke up at noon, because I went to bed at 3 am last night. I looked on my phone and got a message from an Erasmus-student for whom I applied as a mentor. I got a girl from Turkey whose name is also, just like mine, Merve. She is from Istanbul, and arrived here in Germany on Tuesday. She had to do some organisational stuff that’s why we couldn’t meet sooner. But today, I had the whole day free and told her that I had time. But she had to go to an event for Erasmus students, and didn’t know how long that would take. But she said she will write if she has finished. I didn’t think about it anymore but was happy when I saw the message that she was free from now on. I told her that it would take a little bit for me to get there. We agreed to meet at 2.30pm in front of the H&M. She came out of the shop and we recognized each other right away :D I have asked for her facebook before, and she has added me then. So we knew how we looked like although she said that I look different on photos :D

We walked around the city a little bit and then sat into a cafe to drink something. It has also started to rain already, so we thought it was time to get into the warmth. My battery was quite low, so I decided not to take any photos. You can’t imagine how big the difference is. I told her about the book fair in Frankfurt, and that we maybe want to go there tomorrow. Then she told me that her father was there since Tuesday, but would return back to Turkey tomorrow.

After drinking something, I showed her the university a little bit. We sat down at the cafeteria of the library and ate something there. Then I showed her the building where she would have all her courses. She didn’t find it that bad, although she was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t have her courses in the nice building that was only for law students.

I showed her everything inside and then we set out back. I had to catch my train at 5.30pm because I was invited to an alumni feast of my old school. They are now planning to do this every year. At first, I was a bit nervous, because I actually didn’t like that school. But I have to admit that I wanted to see some teachers. Unfortunately, there weren’t so many teachers present today. I spoke with my german teacher and my spanish teacher who has hugged me heavily :’D Then I also saw my ex-ex-class-teacher (I only had him in my first year there), and with my data processing teacher. He even knew my name. Of all names, he could recall all the foreign names, but not the german ones, although he himself is a german. In general, there weren’t so many of our old class mates. From my class, there were only me and another girl. I went there with my friend Giuli, but she was in another class. From her class there were 8 people. Quite a lot :D It was really fun to see some of them again, although I have already seen them outside randomly the last fewย  months. My childhood friend Aylin was also there, but she is no alumni, she is still a pupil at that school and had to come like everyone else, because they had compulsory attendance. In the end, we stayed longer than we have planned.

At home, I wrote my brother and asked him about the book fair. He told me that his girlfriend couldn’t make it. After telling my friend about it, she was also quite unhappy about that, because the ticket would get more expensive for each of us now. She also said that she wouldn’t come because she was short of cash. So it was only me and my brother, and he thought that it wouldn’t pay it off if only we two went there. Fortunately, we haven’t paid anything for busses or tickets, and we haven’t prepared anything big. But I was sad for my brother, because he also wanted to go there with us last year but he couldn’t make it because he had to work. And this year, well. It just wasn’t meant to be.

But I was quite content about the day. I met a new person, and a lot of the old ones. I am completely tired now, and should go sleeping right away.

Therefore I wish you all a good night! And thanks for reading :)


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