Book review: “Mockingjay” – Suzanne Collins


Dear Readers, I have finally finished the series! Just now, I have read the last few pages of “Mockingjay”.


At first, I have to say that the books have reduced in excitement and entertainment. Like mentioned before in my review for the second book, it was a bit boring at the beginning, but got exciting during the middle when they had to participate in the 75th hunger games. Although it seemed like a repetition of the first games, I enjoyed the second arena more.

Now to the last book. It began very boring and page-unturning (if there is a word like this?). Especially the fact that Peeta was missing the first few pages, and also everyone else was almost passive since it was only Katniss and her thoughts the first pages. I was happy, when Finnick came more often. The videos they shot for the capitol were somehow boring scenes.

When Peeta returned, I really didn’t know if I was happy or sad about his condition. He now noticed how cruel Katniss was. But on the other hand, his kindness was gone.

I also liked Annie’s and Finnick’s wedding <3 It was so great! And I can only imagine how beautiful Annie must look like! I love green eyes anyway.

Another thing I didn’t like were the pages of the training. I also hated that Katniss ignored Peeta. I also started to hate Gale more and more.

When they were finally allowed to go to war, I hoped that everything got more exciting now. But quite the contrary, it got very confusing. I didn’t understand what they did and planned to do. What was that Hologram? Did they create an own arena? But for what? Where were they having that war? In the capitol? And did they know about it? How did they know about it? I don’t know if I am only a bad reader, but there were quite a lot questions in my head. Everything happened so fast and confusingly, I couldn’t exactly imagine what was going on. Also the scene in which the earth parts and a cleavage sucks in everyone, I didn’t understand why Katniss and Gale had to hold on to things. Was the cleavage something like a magnetic field? or a black hole? And didn’t the houses fall inside? I didn’t understand these scenes. They were strangely written, less-detailed. And after Finnick’s death was written on that page, I just thought: “YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!” Why Finnick????!?! Why always my favorite characters??!?! It is always like that! I hate it! ABSOLUTELY!!! Why is it that the author always kills the persons I like most??? I’d rather have Gale dead. I really started to dislike him. Another shock was the death of Prim. What kind of logic is that Suzanne??!?!! You kept her from dying during the hunger games by sending Katniss to the games, but then you let her die anyway!!! I doesn’t make any sense! This was really an absurd death.
So after this confusion and these deaths, I just wanted this book to end finally. It really disappointed me a lot. The only thing I hoped for was that Katniss wouldn’t decide to give her love to Gale. Reason: Despite of his violence and hatred, he designed the bomb that killed those children, Prim included. This fact also made me hate Coin even more than Snow.

Now to come to speak of Snow: he was a genius villain. I liked him as villain. Especially his final appearances were grand. The moment he speaks to Katniss and tells her who really killed the kills. His explanation sounded more reasonable. I even supposed this before he said it, because like mentioned before, these scenes were so confusing, that I really didn’t know if the rebels did that or the capitol. At first I really thought, that the rebels did that, after Katniss’ thoughts I was confused a bit. Also by the fact that Prim died while helping in the name of District 13. But after Snow’s explanation, everything made sense.Β 

A few pages before Snow’s execution I also supposed that Katniss would kill Coin, since she was the responsible for Prim’s death. And what happened?!! I was right! To be honest, that scene didn’t surprise me as much as it may have surprised others. I was rather curious about Katniss’ choice. I didn’t know if it would be Gale or Peeta, because the last thing she cried for after killing Coin was Gale’s name, so I supposed that it might have been Gale who stayed in District 12 with her. But I really was relieved when I read Peeta’s name. It wasn’t because I want Katniss to have the better one. No, I don’t know if I like Katniss. But I liked Peeta, and wanted him to be together with the one he loves. Since he also has no family anymore :(

I was content about the ending. The best thing about this book. I am sorry that this review turned out to be quite negative. Usually, the final books of series are considered to be very heart-breaking and hated by the readers. But when I compare it with the last part of “Harry Potter”, it can’t compete. In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, there were also a lot of deaths, even more maybe. But the story was just terrific! It had so much to offer, and no one knew what would happen (although I also have to admit that I supposed Harry to be horcrux after reading the 6th book). Here in “Mockingjay”, the whole storyline consisted of war plans and prop-videos. It was a bit boring and drab. But finally, I have managed! Still a great series and worth reading for everyone interested in this kind of books.

Final rating – 6/10: Quite dreary storyline which suddenly turns into a very confusing one. But all in all a final that should be read by everyone who started the series.



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