Film review: “The Internship”



THIS Movie! Literally made my week! :’D It is so hilarious! Maybe one of the best movies of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (Well, alright, Owen Wilson has a lot of good movies, way better ones, than Vince Vaughn can offer, but this movie was just different).

First of all, The movie has to be awesome, because of the reunion of the two Wedding Crashers, who are now changed to work as sales assistants, and then change to be interns at Google :’D And, I mean, since there was a dramatic version of the creation history of Facebook, there just had to be a movie about the biggest power in the Internet, Google!

Still doesn’t sound promising? Then, what about some young, funny actors like Josh Brener as Lyle


I liked him, because he was representing the typical geek who gets the stripper at the end :D

Then there is my favorite, Dylan O’Brien as Stuart


He wears glasses in the movie, and they fit him perfectly. He is on his phone the whole time, and is negative about everything and underplays everything, until he gets to party at a stripclub :’D

Then the geeky asian who is penetrated by his mum Tobit Raphael as Yoyo


Probably the funniest one next to Vince and Owen :’D Picking his eyebrows everytime he thinks he has to be punished until his one eyebrow has vanished at the end :’D So hilarious!!

Then, there was the geeky girl, Tiya Sircar as Neha


She pretends to have weird sexual cosplay fetishes, but in fact never had a boyfriend and feels ashamed about it.

Oh, and Jessica Szohr, who played Vanessa in Gossip Girl, also has a role in this movie. She is the stripper :’D


I really liked the characters, and everyone of them had something funny or special about them.

Another big entertaining point of this movie is the fact that a lot of geeks and nerds try to fight for a job at Google. One of the challenges they have to do is: Playing Quidditch! YES! You hear right! They play Quidditch :’D That was probably the best part in the movie, the part from which I thought that I love it, and that I want to play that game, at all costs! I HAVE TO PLAY QUIDDITCH!! It is my sport :’D

The movie just has so many funny moments! The scene in the stripclub is hilarious, the end scene where Vince Vaugn throws pizza to the crowd, and a lot of more! One of the best comedy movies, and definitely better than Hangover!

Final rating – 10/10: Just Watch It!!!!


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