Fr. 20.09 + Sa. 21.09.2013: Birthday of our diaper friend

As the weekend was approaching, the birthday of our childhood friend (or diaper friend as we tend to call each other) was just around the corner. On Friday, my sister and I went to Stuttgart city to get a present for her. I also knew what to give her: The “shine so bright” hair cure balm agains split ends from Lush. We tried it about one month ago, and she was amazed by it as well as I was. I hoped (in fact I was sure) that she hadn’t bought it already. I also got her a bath bomb, a blue one shaped like a robot, also from Lush. I forgot the name of it, but it was something with “Icky Bot”. It was for “sleepless kids” as it was written in the description, with chamomille scents. I thought it was fitting very well to her, because she was sometimes suffering of insomnia. It was always like that with her, already as children. When we had sleptovers at each other’s houses, she was always hyper active and never tired. I was also quite active and was staying up until the late hours of the night with her, playing games while my sister always got tired very early and went to sleep, without bothering about leaving us alone with our games :D It still is the same today: My sister always tired and a sleepyhead, me often staying up until late hours like 1 or 2 am and going to sleep when my eyes hurt of tiredness, and my friend never getting tired until the late/early hours of the morning.

Now back to the present: Because the items were so small, we thought about putting them into a present bag and filling it up with sweets so that she would have to dig up the items from the bottom of the bag :D

On Saturday we bought the sweets. My mother also found a package with four jelly eyes. They look creepy, disgusting, but funny at the same time. We thought it would be a funny gag to place them on the top of the present :D

After we were ready, we set off to go to her.

My sister making a funny face :’D I had to laugh very hard after I saw this picture :’DDD

Unfortunately, an old friend from earlier school times would be there as well. I don’t get along well with her anymore, because she is a very unreliable person. She did many annoying and childhish things like arriving late or not arriving at all without saying anything before, until one day I flipped out and didn’t talk to her anymore from that day on. It was also the last days of school in my last year of school. She went to another university, and I went to another. We occasionally would meet at birthday partys. My friend Giuli and my sister were also not in contact with her anymore. Every time we would meet her at birthdays it would be very uncomfortable for us.

However, I don’t want to ruin the birthdays of my friends, so I just tag along and occasionally talk with her.

Arrived there, we talked a bit at first and then ate something. They had toast with cheese and mince, sausage, salad, and samosa filled with cheese. Little things rather.

After the food, my friend went to unpack her presents. Except for us thinking about the bath bomb that would make her sleepy, another friend of her also gave her bath salt that would make her sleepy :D Together with 20 more items like candle, labello, chocolate, cream, and so on. She made a basket with 21 important items (21 because she has turned 21 now). After the presents, we talked and laughed a lot and told about our experiences in the last few months.

After a loud conversation, my friend called us to the table again. Now it was time for cake! The best part about a birthday :)

On the right, a sort of pudding cake with cherries. Next to it brownie-like cakes filled with walnuts, pumpkin, and other things. In the middle, the birthday chocolate cake. And on the left side a cake with little chocolate cookies.
Blowing out candles :)
Rotkäppchen prosecco, and the one in my glass was a non-alcoholic one. My diaper friend brought it from her work in the organic store. It is with rose petals and grapefruit taste I think she said. It was so tasty! Better than the Rotkäppchen-Sekt :)

We spent the rest of the night at the table, talking and laughing. Slowly, people began to leave. We were the last to stay, and left at shortly before 1 am.

It was a fun night with lots of food and conversations. Looking forward for the next birthday party ;)




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