Working in Augsburg: Thursday, 12.09.2013, Day 4 – The truth about it

That day started with a meager breakfast. We almost had no bread. Only a few slices of dry wholemeal bread and a piece of dark bread which was rotten at the end. Two of the girls cut a thin slice of that half-rotten bread and tried to eat the rest of the bread which was still safe. But they said they had a strange aftertaste. I only ate one slice of the driest wholemeal bread I have ever tasted with a cheese parfait. That was the only breakfast ingredient we had. And cheap bitter nutella. I don’t like eating wholemeal bread with nutella, so chose a cheese parfait. I ate one single slice of bread very hardly. I almost couldn’t swallow. It was the worst breakfast since a long time. After the poorly breakfast, we prepared everything and went outside. It was a rainy day again, but not as bad as on the first day.

The formation was different today. Kim and Manu head to go to another spot now, and Alisa and Vera were together with Patrizia and me at the same spot as the day before. Michael was also together with us and Jenia was returning. At first we stopped at the place our booth should stand. Then Michael went to the train station with Jenia. Meanwhile we built up the booth and went to the city for a short time to buy some things. I went to buy a deodorant, because I forgot mine at home, and was not able to buy one the last few days. I have already taken a shower that morning, but didn’t have a deodorant, unfortunately. After that, I returned to the booth, but the others weren’t there yet. After a few minutes they came, and Alisa and Vera took their folders and went flying. Patrizia and me stayed there and tried to talk to people. The coach was there, too, and was observing us from afar. Michael came, too and talked to Patrizia. Then she went flying, as well, and I was together with Michael there. Two were enough for that place, because it was almost dead. There were almost no people passing by. Sometimes, Michael was also talking to people, but most of the time he was away, talking on the phone or with Tom, the coach.

After a while, I talked to a guy, who at first was sceptical about donating something. But then I argumented a bit, and he said “alright, why not”. I filled everything out, and in that moment, Michael came back. I gave him a picture and thanked him. That was at about 12 or 1 pm. Then I had nothing for hours. The lady on the right street side offered us a coffee and hot chocolate. She had a cute, little chocolatier shop. Michael took a coffee, and I went for a hot chocolate. While I was talking to people, she brought the hot chocolate to our booth. Without wanting any payment. Such a nice woman, I had tears in my eyes TTvTT. It was soooo tasty, I almost thought about buying one during break. At about 5 pm I had a break. I should actually have my break earlier, at about 4.30 pm, but I forgot about it. Patrizia was also at the booth when I left, and she said that it should be okay. Bevore I hurried up to the city, I went to the little chocolatier again, and thanked her for the hot chocolate again. The shop was really cute. She was also selling chocolate bars. At that moment I thought how nice it would be to work in a cute little shop that was warm and smelled like chocolate. But I headed to the city and this time I went to a cafe. I ordered a Quarktasche (a german dough sweet which is filled with quark, something like yoghurt) and a hot chocolate. I ate fast and after a few minutes, Michael called and asked where I am. I told him I was having my break, because I forgot about it earlier. He didn’t fuss much about it afterwards. After my break I went down to the booth again. Alisa was there now. The other two were still in the city and flying. Alisa was a bit disappointed, because she still had zero. While it was getting darker, I had more and more people talking to at the booth. I had a boy with his friend, or girlfriend, I don’t know quite. But the guy was interested, but didn’t have his bank data with him. He gave me his phone number, and even the phone number of the girl. He told me that he would call me if I shouldn’t call him. After one hour or so, I called him and then the girl. Both of them didn’t answer the phone. I forgot about it and continued working. In the meantime, Michael has picked Vera up and went grocery shopping with her, because she was so good that day. She hugged him out of joy. We were at our final spurt now. After the grocery shopping we were probably going to get packed. In the last half hour I even talked to a girl, who was also ready to donate. She was very calm and casual, and I really hope that it wasn’t just for fun. We’ll see after 2 weeks.

Our booth during twilight :)


Soon after that, Michael called me and said we should dismantle the booth. I slowly dismantled it, while Alisa was still talking to someone. But she didn’t get anyone to donate something. After a few minutes Patrizia also came down and helped us dismantle it. Michael and Vera arrived and we put the things into the car. We began driving and Michael and Vera drank a beer in the car. Michael had to go to the bank to get some money. While he was away, we talked about our day in the car. Then, Alisa began lamenting about her zero and told how disappointe she was, and suddenly, she began crying in the car. I was shocked! She was crying, because she didn’t write anyone. Of course, it is frustrating if you have worked for 10 hours and didn’t manage to write anyone down, but maybe it was just a bad day. The other girls tried to cheer her up, said words like “tomorrow is another day” “you will just try it again”, or “evryone has a bad day once”. But she just continued to cry and I really felt sorry for her, and thought that she didn’t deserve it. I like her, she was a nice girl, maybe the nicest one of the group, that’s why I thought to say something significant. I leaned over and told her: “But the most important thing is that you are okay!” After saying this, the girls looked at me in shock and amusement at the same time. Alisa’s tears turned into laughter and the Patrizia and Vera were not sure if they should call it cute or stupid. But we all laughed and Alisa forgot about it. I hope she and the others will think about my words in the future, if they should be down or sad.

Later in the house, we found out that Kim also had a bad day. She only wrote 1 and told that she has also cried. Then Vera and Alisa told her what I have said and Alisa said that it was so cute what I sad :D I was content with myself. But before Kim and Manu even arrived at home, Michael called me upstairs into his room. I thought maybe he wanted to talk to me because of the break mistake. When I was upstairs, he asked me how my day was and so on. I told him that I neither got better, nor worse. Then he asked me how long I was planning to stay. I said that I had actually planned 4 weeks, but that I maybe will not last so long. I admitted, that I would maybe do this week and then decide whether I still want to stay or not. Then he said, that he wouldn’t even wait until the week was over. He saw that I pulled myself together all the time and gave my best. But he also sees, that it would be for nothing if I still stayed. My hard work would pay off, and talk2move would waste money and time with me. Furthermore, he said that I was too nice for this job. I had already thought about it myself, and also told him that I noticed the same thing. I ensured that I didn’t perceive his critique in a negative way. I was actually glad that he also told me that this job was nothing for me. He told me that he was glad to meet me and that I was a very sweet person. He gave me a formular that I had to fill out. I went downstairs and filled it out. And I also took out my bill from the train ticket. He gave me the money. That was probably the reason why he went to the bank. After packing a little, I went to the kitchen where the others were sitting. We cooked noodles, and ate them while we talked and laughed. Kim especially had several laugh attacks out of nowhere. It seemed like she was drunk, but I think she wasn’t. But after a while, she, Vera and Manu got themselves a beer. Alisa, Patrizia nd me refused. I would have drunk, but I was so tired, and scared that I would get sick if I would add some alcohol to my tiredness.

Before it was getting too late, I went to bed. The last time sleeping there for me. I didn’t think that I would miss anything, or anyone. But I really wished, that I would have been better, or that the weather should have been a bit warmer. But I was already looking forward to go home. There, it was at least warm and dry :)


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