Working in Augsburg: Day 5, Friday 13.September.2013 – Early Return

The morning started with packing the last things in my suitcase and finally a decent breakfast. We had more bread now, different kinds of cheese, and, FINALLY Nutella! How I’ve missed it in only a few days. I ate two slices of bread and then I got my suitcase and backpack and slowly went outside. The others arrived as well after a few minutes. Before, I asked Michael about my Malteser pass, and he told me that I could keep it :) Now I have it as a remembrance.


After everyone was outside, we waited for Michael. He overslept and was grumbling over Vera why she didn’t wake him up earlier. He was now moving downstairs to the room of Kim and Vera. When he finally was ready we walked to the cars and put everything inside. I enjoyed the car ride today because I didn’t think about working now. Nevertheless I was bothered with the trains, but I looked for the next trains to Stuttgart. I was relieved to see that there was a train every hour.

Arriving at the train station, Michael even asked if I will have to wait long for my next train. If so, I could come with them to the booth at first instead of waiting at the train station on myself. But I ensured him that there would be one in a few minutes. I said goodbye to him and to the other girls. They all were really cute and hugged me. I had about 20 minutes until the next train. I went to the train office and bought a ticket. Then I got me something to drink and waited outside for the train to arrive. Not even after 10 minutes it arrived and I entered it. The train was full. Fuller than on Monday as I left Stuttgart. I tried to read a few pages, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in the train. It was quite uncomfortable, because I had my suitcase beside my feet. I am just too weak to hieve it on the placement area above the seats. And I was too tired to ask someone, since almost everyone nearby were women. At least it seemed like that.

The train ride seemed so long, because I was so tired. But after not even 2 hours I arrived in Stuttgart. I hurried out the train to catch the other train to my hometown. It was almost noon when I finally arrived and jumped into a taxi. I was so relieved when I stood in front of my house. I went inside, ate something and then immediately fell into my bed to catch up 4 days of sleep.

When my sister arrived she told me that she would go to Frankfurt the next day. She wanted me to come with her. I agreed. she booked the ticket and I felt like a hitchhiker travelling around Germany :D Well, you couldn’t count Frankfurt as travelling anymore, because I have been there too often.

I was already so happy to be back that I would imagine home would be so nice to be at :3 But I was wrong: It got better! We had Lahmacun for dinner! A turkish dish, something like a wrap that is filled with mince :)


After dinner I stayed up a few hours to watch a series on TV. The turkish version of O.C. California. After that, I unpacked my suitcase I brought from Augsburg, so that I would only pack my backpack for Frankfurt the next morning. Our bus was at 2 pm. So it was neither too early, nor too late.

I went early to sleep that day, because I still was tired and still had to get up earlier for next day.

So this was my adventure with Malteser at talk2move. I don’t regret trying that out, but I am happy that I didn’t stay there for 4 weeks. Although I feel a little bit disappointed that nothing seems to work out this year, I still think that everything has its reason.

P.S.: My 90€ already arrived on my account :)


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