Working in Augsburg: Wednesday, 11.09.2013, Day 3 – Everything hurts

We woke up early again. Still exhausted from the day before, we went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Kim has already put buns into the oven. We ate them, too, and soon we noticed that we had to go shopping because we had almost no bread anymore. That day, Ben was waiting outside the house with his suitcase. He returned home again. It wasn’t like he has imagined or maybe he had a bad time. He had zero on his first day, although he couldn’t be considered a newbie at talk2move. But it just didn’t fit with Malteser I guess.

That day, we had the same formation like the day before. But we went to another place this time. Like I have found out later while talking to the people, the place we were standing that day was a connection between Augsburg city and the City Galerie we have been the day before. It was a cute little square place in the midst of beautiful flower trees. It looked very beautiful. On the left side there was a cute little river flowing, and if you wanted to cross to the street you had to pass a tiny little bridge. On the right side of our booth, there were cute little shops and houses. I didn’t have so much time to shoot some photos, but I could take one.


The water from the cute little fountain was drinking water. But we always had a few bottles at the booth to drink from. I liked this place, although there were not so many people walking by. Sometimes, nothing was happening at all, then all the people came at once. Later we decided that two people should go flying, and two people should stay there. At first, Patrizia went with Manu for 1-2h. In the meantime I could talk and convince a young woman to become a member. She was on the way with her boyfriend and told me that she was socially caring for organisations in the past, and wanted to do it again. She was really nice, and I hope that it wasn’t for kidding us or so. A lot of people give false data or pretend to have forgotten their data. I hope that the most I have promoted are serious about it.

After that, I went flying with Patrizia, too. We walked up to the city, and I already felt my legs hurt like hell. Especially my ankles were pounding from pain. I couldn’t walk so fast anymore. In the city, I was overwhelmed, because it was so full and the buildings were big, and there were a lot of trams and busses on the streets. It reminded me of Tübingen (although it doesn’t have trams), but it was also an ancient city like that.


This was a big building you saw right at once when you came up to the city from the ‘bottom’ :’D Down there, it was nice, too, with all the restaurants and little shops.


This was a little florist shop at the bottom before walking up to the city. I liked it because in the inside, it looked like the plants were growing exuberantly all over the place :’D

While in the city, Patrizia and I went different ways. I talked to several people, and noticed that it was easier on the street to talk about Malteser with them at once because you had no booth to lead them to at first. And Michael also told me that it was more casual on the street because we could begin with small talk and then talk concisely about the Maltesers. While on the street I noticed that I became picky with the people, because I had a great choice now that many of them were walking around. Most of the time, I didn’t talk to older people, but to younger ones. I walked around and around and talked to nice people most of the time. They were also listening to me and were interested. Sometimes, I also had people who were distractedly looking away but they still listened. We were in a street and I was talking to a girl, when Patrizia came and interrupted me to take me away from that street because there was a man from the regulatory agency. We had to be careful she said, because they could give a fine to talk2move for letting their workers promote on the street without any sign or permission for that. I was a bit scared, but a few minutes later Michael talked to me and I asked him about the regulatory agency, and he ensured me to be relaxed. They got fines from them all the time he said, but they didn’t care. So I was calmed down a bit and continued to promote. After a while I talked to a turkish girl who was very interested and wanted to be a part right at once. I wrote down her name and everything, but then she noticed that she didn’t have her bank card with her. At first I was disappointed, but I gave her my phone number and told her to call me so that I could write down her data. I also gave her the last page of the form. We even hugged before we said goodbye to each other :D This was really heartwarming somehow.

After flying about 1-2 hours at the shopping street, I met Patrizia again, and we went further up, where the old church and the square was. Arriving there, I thought that Augsburg was a really beautiful city. Small and old, but really cute!


On that place I tried to talk to a few people sitting on benches, but they didn’t want to be disturbed most of the time. So I continued to walk and met a group of people, who also had folders in their hands. I noticed their passes around their necks and saw that they were from World Vision. One of the girls talked to me at once. She was a bit crazy. I told her about my sister, who was promoted in Stuttgart a few weeks ago by a young, blond guy from World Vision. We talked a bit, then another girl came. She was small and had big, round blue eyes. She was shaking from cold and holding a cup of tea. She said that a passer-by had given it to her as a gift. The girl told me that she saw another girl from Malteser yesterday. I told her that we were at the City Galerie yesterday, and then I remembered that Patrizia went flying. After talking to them for a while, I went back and Patrizia called me. She asked where I was and I told her that I was on the place. She was at the toilett and asked me to return because Michael has called for us. We went back. I soon had my break and went to Burger King. I ate fast. After that, I was at the place of our booth again. We were three people there now. Patrizia was flying on her own now. Toward the evening time, I was sent to fly again. I had also waited for the call from the girl all the time. Her name was Tansu I think.

While it was getting darker outside, more and more people were disappearing from the streets. There still were a lot of people though, but now, most of them had no time. I desperately tried to promote some more. I had only one, and I found out about the others, that they also didn’t have much. Patrizia for example only had 2. Manu and Kim had a bit more. 3 and Kim had 5. Michael was a bit frustrated, because it seemed that the other two girls, Alisa and Vera, were also not so good that day. He told us, that one of the coaches would come to us tonight, because we were so bad. We didn’t know what to expect. Some of the girls knew him, but me and Manu didn’t know him at all. Later in the evening, at about 9 pm we packed and were on our way home. I was disappointed, because I only had 1. The girl didn’t call, so it didn’t count. It really was a change to the first day when I had 3 people. And the next day only 1.

After arriving at home, we waited for the coach. After a few minutes he arrived and I was surprised because he didn’t look so mean. Although he eradiated some severeness, he seemed to be a nice guy. He also had dreadlocks, but his were brown and longer than Michael’s. He also had a beautiful face I have to admit. While he was there, we had our group feedback. Michael always asks how the day was. I said that I expected more from the day, because I had 3 the day before, and now only 1. I was getting worse than getting better.

After the group feedback Michael wanted the others to train the arguments with us. Kim and Vera told us the arguments again and we had to take notes. In the meantime, Jenia cooked rice for us. We ate and after that, Manu and I went to our room and practiced a little bit. Patrizia also helped us. In the meantime, Michael was upstairs and working. He told us to call him if we thought that we were ready. Then Kim and Vera came into the room again, and they practiced the statements with the appropriate arguments with us. They noticed, that we had still problems. Manu was always using taboo words like “money”, “data”, “donating”, and so on. And in my arguments, there was no logic. That’s why Vera dictated the arguments to us, word by word. Then we had to learn them by hear and repeat them until we were able to say them. I somehow felt so stupid. It was so unconvincing to learn arguments by heart and blabber it to the passers-bys. I felt like I was acting. Because I said things that I didn’t do myself. But I pulled myself together and learned those damn arguments. After half an hour or so, I don’t know exactly, because we were all so tired till death, Michael came inside and listened how far we were. Then he told us to learn two statements more. After that, Manu and I were in the kitchen and waited for Michael. Manu began, and while she was in the kitchen, I waited outside and read through the arguments again. The rest was already asleep. I only saw Kim entering the bath. Manu was finished, and I went inside. I wasn’t nervous at all. Michael seemed to be severe at the beginning, but when it depended on being good or bad, he ensured us to be relaxed. I did a good job I think. He didn’t say anything negative, mabe because he looked so tired. The only thing he said was to stay natural, then everything would go well.

When I finished, I was relieved. No more learning arguments anymore. Now I had to prove my abilities the next day.



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