Working in Augsburg: Tuesday, 10.09.2013, Day 2 – Beginner’s luck

The next morning began very relaxed. Manu and I were the first ones in the kitchen, so we prepared breakfast. I ate two slices of bread I think. There were also buns to bake in the oven, but we thought to eat them on another day. Slowly, everyone trotted inside and was having breakfast. At 8 am we walked outside the house, loaden with folders, rain coats (yes, the weather was rainy!!) and other stuff. We should test the pavillon if it was still intact. At the same time we learned how to build it up. It was a bit complicated and hard work. But I thought that it should not be that difficult later on.

After everything was settled, everyone got into one of the two cars and we drove altogether to the Malteser office of Augsburg. There, we should get information about Malteser. The drive was also quite long, just like driving anywhere else from that little farm valley. At the Malteser office, we had to wait outside first for 5 minutes or so while Michael was talking with the man inside. Then we were left inside a room with a lot to eat and coffee. I also drank a glass of water because I was so full. The man told us about the newest projects and achievements of Malteser, in Germany as well as international. We also got a few flyers and magazines to look through. And the president of Malteser also came in to say hello. All in all it was very interesting and after about 1 hour or so we left with a lot of packs of bandages, biros, flyers, balloons, and sweets. Of course they were not for us, but only served for courtship purposes. Then we continued to drive to our place where we should be promoting. Ah yes, I have to mention that Michael alwas listens very loudly to music in the car. If metal, electronic or reggae, it didn’t matter, as long as it wasn’t “bought” music, and loud enough to wake everyone up :D Although it was a bit too early in the morning to be listening to very loud music, I liked it.

We always had two teams who were standing at two different booths. I was together with Manu, Kim and a girl named Patrizia, a tiny cute girl with red hair and a shy voice. I liked her, she helped me a lot that day and also the other days. Sometimes, I also pitied her and asked myself if she was content with doing this job. I was also in a room with her (and also with Alisa and Manu, which I was very happy about). The other room was habited by Kim, Vera and Ben. For the groups, they were almost like the formation of the rooms, except that Alisa and Kim had swapped groups :D

So, out booth should be on a big square in front of a mall called “City Galerie”.


On that place here as you can see we had our booth. It was a bit further in the back, next to the bike stands, so it was quite close to the entrance of the Galerie.

Actually, a very advantageous place, because a lot of people were walking by to go to City Galerie. But there were a few disadvantages that day:

1. It was raining, so the people didn’t stop long for a conversation.

2. The people were only outside to go the City Galerie, or the cinema right next to it.

So, it really was hard to bring a person to come under the pavillon and listen to you, or even become a member. At first, I tended to speak only to older people, but then I noticed that it was no good. They were already donating a lot of money to Malteser or other organizations, or were not interested at all. Then I changed to younger people. It was quite hard, and for the few 3-4 hours I didn’t get anyone. Michael also helped me a few times with some people. He really was very good at it. He made it very easily, just like a chat with friends or sisters or something like that. Soon, I was getting wetter and wetter because of the rain. The rain coat was really no good, and was only worn because it was red and Malteser was written in front of it. At about noon time I urgently had to go to the toilet. I went inside the Galerie as fast as I could and had to find out that the toilets were with money. 50 ct for one use. Of course I had left my money at the booth, so I had to walk back and look for some 50 fucking cent. Of course, I only had paper money, so I asked Michael if he could lend me some. I went back inside again, and was overwhelmed for the second time by the shops and restaurants. There was a sushi restaurant off the moving floor, and they had an all you can eat until 4 pm for 9€. I almost died for it, but I had to concentrate on working and couldn’t waste any thought or money for the sushi. When I was back, I continued talking to people in the middle of the pouring rain. I had really strange people talking shit. Like one older man telling about his experience in Africa and how he was not able to walk on the streets without a gun to protect himself from gangsters and criminals. I can imagine that he killed a few of them. He continued talking and telling, and I vainly tried to get rid of him somehow. He blathered to me for minutes and minutes. Finally, I said bye, and he went. Then, at 3 pm or so I talked to a young guy who came to the pavillon with me and listened to me. As I showed him the membership paper and told him that it would be great if he could take part in it, he agreed without further asking or thinking about it. I was happy about it and wrote down his data. The thing I liked best about this courting was the final part in which you ask the man or woman about his or her favorite animal. Because on the back of the last paper, which the person is supposed to take with him, we draw a nice little picture for him to remember his good deed :) I loved that. And I was happy that I had one person now. Even if it is only sure after 2-3 weeks in which the future members are getting a phone call and being asked if they agree with the righness of their data and if they still are in.

After that guy, I continued to talk to people, more motivated now despite of the wet chill outside. Meanwhile, Manu was having a break and went inside the City Galerie. While she was inside, Kim and I were the only ones, because Michael has injured his leg somehow and was at the doctor’s and Patrizia was “flying”. I didn’t know what that meant, but Kim explained it, that she has gone to the inner city with a folder and was speaking to people on the streets withoug having to lead them to a booth. Only on the streets as they were passing by the shops. I was bearing up in that cold waiting till Manu was back from break because I was next after her. But after 30 minutes she still haven’t come (since break is only 30 minutes, although I thought it was a full hour). After I think 45 minutes she arrived with 4 cups of mcdonald’s coffee which she wasn’t allowed to drink openly at the stand. She had to put them on the ground or under the both table so that the people walking by wouldn’t see it. Kim was really pissed off that she was so late. She was pissed off very often as I noticed the following days. However, now it was my turn for break. After those 30 minutes, it was Kim’s turn. I went straight to Nordsee to eat a fish in a bread. After engulfing that, I looked for something hot to drink and went inside Tchibo to buy a cup of hot chocolate. I had to hurry up, because I only had 30 minutes. But fortunately, there were no cues in both shops, as it was the case with Manu. The hot chocolate came with cream as topping and chocolate sprinkles above it. It looked like the best, most beautiful and tasty hot chocolate I have ever tasted <3 Tchibo is really outstanding. Better than Starbucks in my opinion when it comes to the taste and quality countered to price.

The 30 minutes went by too fast and I had to go outside to the cold again. But I continued courting and promoting. A lot of jerks I met. One guy was sitting on a bench with two girls. At first, he wanted to talk about god with me. I told him that I am not a believer, whereupon he asked me to tell something about the Malteser. As I finished, he asked a few questions and the girls laughed stupidly. One of the girls said she didn’t have money. Then I came with arguments of dying children, which can be rescued with a few Euro per month. And then the guy said something disgusting: “If the children in other countries would not suffer and starve, we couldn’t afford to live so well like this.” I was shocked! Disgusted! Afraid! Sad! And just said “Bye” and left. After that I was angry with that guy, and the other stupid people around the world who had the same opinion as this guy. And I could only imagine how many people there must be who think exactly like him. After a while, I saw the two girls again, and they said sorry for their friend. They said he would often say things like that without thinking about it. And they also talked to him afterwards and told him that he was wrong with his statement. Of couse I can’t be sure if he has changed his “opinion” (I don’t dare to call a thought like that an opinion), but I sadly don’t believe it.

But soon, I found two young guys, about 20 years old. They were on search for a job but were interesting in the Maltesers. So I took them to the pavillon and talked about Malteser. They were interested, and they were in at once, without any persuasion. The one filled out the paper at once, without thinking about it. While I was writing for him, the other guy asked about the bank data. He didn’t want to write it down. I tried to tell him that everything was safe, since Malteser is a famous organisation that could not do anything nasty with its clients. He still didn’t want to give anything. Patrizia also came and helped me while I was filling out the norm of the other guy. I was finished and was at the part with the drawing. After the other found out about the picture, he asked if he also got a picture. I said yes, but only if he filled out his form including his bank data. At once, he filled them out. I can’t quite remember what I drew for whom, but i can remember drawing a dog, a little african child, a squirrel, an elephant, a lion. It really was fun, although I only had a few seconds or minutes for the drawing, and I had to do it with a biro and not a pencil. But I enjoyed that part the most :) I hope the people will think about the Maltesers, their good deed and about me :)

So, I had three people now. I was content now, and motivated to do more. I talked with a lot of people, also many young people who were still under 18 (who are not allowed to become a member, but always are the most interested ones). I spoke to a middle-aged man, a migrant, that told me that he would really really want to support us, but he had a lot of problems himself, and not enough money. He was just having a divorce and had to pay a lot for the court and things. He said that everything was harder now, also with his job, because he was a migrant. I was so sad to hear that and had to hold back my tears. I also told him that Malteser does a lot for Migrants in Germany, so that he could get help from them maybe.

It is really sad. The people who are interested, and would really really want to donate some money and become a member are always the ones who don’t have money themselves, whereas the rich ones are not interested most of the time. That fact really kept me busy with thinking about that contradiction and about the behaviour of people. That those in need are ready to donate, because they can comprehend the suffrage of other people since they have suffered in a way or another themselves. Whereas the rich ones don’t know what it means and don’t want to bother themselves with that any longer.

The clock was slowly turning 6, then 7 and then 8. It was getting darker and darker. Soon, Michael called Patrizia, and told her to dismont the pavillon. I helped her while Manu and Kim were still talking to people. After a few minutes, we were finished with the pavillon and now, Kim and Manu also dismantled the tables with the things inside them. We were finished and waited for Michael. For short, Manu and I also tried how to fly right there in front of the City Galerie. It wasn’t that difficult, actually, but I only had time for one woman because Michael arrived soon. I also called my dad and told him about the day. Back at home we had group feedback from him. For me and Manu, it was better than expected. Because normally, newbies are expected to do zero, but we had 3 and 2 (Manu’s score). He was content with us, but he told us to learn the arguments. We had to be able to argument later. That evening/night, we were supposed to have a argumentation practice with Vera, Kim and the others. Ben was not participating because he was leaving the other day. We didn’t know why, but we knew that he only had 0, and that despite of his experience at WWF last year. We learned the arguments, and then Michael asked us about them in a round. We were not so good, but he let us sleep for the day because we were all so good and gave our best. The next day, he would ask us again, so that we should learn our arguments properly.

I noticed, that it was getting harder now. Sleep was secondary now. But I was just hoping not to get sick.


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