Weekend at Mainhattan ;)

Last weekend we have visited friends who live near Frankfurt. We arrived on friday evening at about 8.30 pm, and had dinner at once :D Their dogs bobby and chanel were also there :) bobby is a terrier mongrel I guess, and he is very calm and good :)


Chanel is a white maltese and she’s kind of an attention whore :D hahaha! She’s younger and very playful. A little bitch :’D


This is after we have come back from taking the dogs for a walk at midnight. At first we forgot about them because we were sitting and drinking some together.


At midnight we were reminded to take them out. Except for dogs they also have two bartagame, bearded dragons.


One is johnny, the other one didn’t have a name yet so I named her Josie :)


Here they are both. They are lizard kinds and eat grasshoppers. For me bearded dragons really look like miniature dragons :) they are very calm and seldom move. I fell in love with these beautiful creatures. I would like to buy some of these too, but I think the equipment is a bit expensive. The next day our friend had to work until 2.30 pm. We waited for her to come, then we prepared and went to Frankfurt city for shopping. We went to the Zeil, with its famous building which has a hole in it, myzeil.


On this street we went to primark first. An awesome shop with low prizes :) I didn’t have so much money with me because of the semester ticket I had to buy before -.- but I still managed to buy a lot of things. And everything under 5€ :) I know I’m good.


And I have found the jewellery of my life. At the end I only had to pay 25€ :)

We also went to the newly opened Dunkin Donuts. There was a huge queue at the front entry but there was a “boxenstop” at the back of the shop where one could buy the donut boxes :) although we couldn’t chose which donut we wanted it was good. We had three with chocolate, one blueberry donut, a pink one with strawberry taste and colored crumbles, and another one with ginger bread taste :)


I wish we had a dunkin donuts here in Stuttgart as well :/ I LOVE donuts. They are one of my most favorite sweet goods *o*

At about 7 or 8 pm we arrived back home again. Our parents have grilled some fish so I was quite happy about it because the others had already eaten at McDonald’s. After the dinner we prepared to go partying at a club.


My friend, the one on the middle ( the one on the right is my sister btw), was able to drink alcohol because her boyfriend drove the car. Actually we wanted to go to one of the most famous Clubs in FFM but our friend’s boyfriend didn’t want to go there because of the high prizes, and since he was the one driving the car we went to a smaller club which was nearer. I have already been to better clubs here, but in the end it wasn’t that bad.
The next morning, on sunday we went back home at about 3.30 pm. Before we went to eating ice cream because  the weather was so nice and sunny. The first time since a month I think o.O yeah I know quite depressive. Germany actuall can be very beautiful, like it is seen here.


Well, in two weeks’ time already, I will be back in Frankfurt again for the Lana del Rey concert :) Already looking foward to it :)


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